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Moon and Back

If you're looking for a fragrance that’ll transport you to another realm (and who isn’t?), look no further than Moon and Back. Originally launched as a limited edition Mother's Day candle in 2020, Moon and Back quickly became a fan favourite, prompting us to add it to our core collection. (Cue the confetti!)

Now available in its original form, a 380g Soy Candle, plus as a 14mL Eau de Parfum (and part of our brand new Fragrance Library offering), this enchanting, otherworldly scent is back to capture your imagination. At its heart, Moon and Back is a floral fragrance, but nothing about it is typical. Intended to evoke the magic and mystery of the cosmos, it’ll transport you on a journey through outer space. It opens with a burst of bright citrus and spun sugar, reminiscent of sparkling stars and swirling galaxies. As the scent develops, you'll be enveloped in a lush bouquet of delicate lilies, mingling with the creamy sweetness of Chantilly cream.



Journey through the vastness of space with our beloved moon and back candle. This enchanting fragrance begins with a burst of freshness c/o ozone, citrus and marmalade top notes, blending seamlessly into a floral heart of muguet, rose and jasmine. The base reveals a sweet warmth; there’s brown sugar, amber and sandalwood. A floral that creates a cosy, inviting ambience, it’s ranked at strength 4.5 for long-lasting scent.


The floral fragrance you’ve come to know and love, but with a gourmand twist. This refined EDP is a perfect match for those who love the floral notes (lily, rose petals) and gourmand notes (citrus marmalade, brown sugar) of the original. Intense but never overwhelming, it comes in a sleek, chic travel sized format.


A collection of eight of our evocative eau de parfums, each one daringly potent and absolutely addicting. Discover your signature scent with this set of 5mL fine fragrance vials, which includes bestselling scents: A tahaa affair, forever florence, rendezvous, kyoto in Bloom, sunset in capri, melbourne muse, midnight in milan, and NEW moon and back. It also comes with a chic keyring that holds your go-to for top-ups on the go.


Glasshouse Fragrances’ Moon and Back Collection is available online at from August 24 and select retailers August 28 2023.