Ever wondered how they last so long?

Since day dot, Glasshouse Fragrances has been known for our triple-scented technology. Where other brands offered products that lost intensity when exposed to the air, our candles have always remained intensely perfumed, day after day. But while our existing candles were kicking goals (some even winning awards), we were thinking about how to make them even better. Call it perfectionism, but our belief in the power of perfume to elevate every day has pushed us to level up both scents and aesthetics.

Introducing: Glasshouse Fragrances 2.0. Our newly relaunched range has been built around a proprietary soy-based wax blend that was created exclusively for us by some of the world’s leading candle experts. (Note: Our candles continue to be triple scented and happily there is no difference in the “throw” of the fragrance they have, compared with our former food-grade paraffin base.) Together with all-natural lead-free cotton wicks, our new wax blend delivers a burn that’s pure and intense.

Our candles are also bigger. Our formerly 350g Candles have been replaced with a generous 380g size, and our 700g Candles with an indulgent 760g. Our 60g minis remain the same. All sizes come in new-look vessels featuring streamlined angles and elegant lids, and are packaged in luxurious soft-touch boxes with gold foiling.

The reimagined range includes a broad offering of scents that evoke everything from the paradisiacal white sand beaches of Bora Bora (Bora Bora Bungalow) to a stroll through Dubai’s perfume souk at dusk (Arabian Nights). No matter which of our five fragrance families you like best, we have a scent for you.

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