Inspired by a fantasy double shot Tiramisu, our newest addition to the Sugar Coated range is smooth, silky and sweet. The perfect pick-me-up for coffee lovers, it’ll transport you to an Italian trattoria in an instant. There you are, dessert spoon in hand, ready to dive into decadent ladyfinger biscuits soaked with espresso. Layered with whipped mascarpone and dusted with bitter cocoa, it’s luxurious in every sense of the word.

Called Eager For Espresso (because you will be once you smell it), its olfactory notes read like a recipe handed down from Nonna. Hot Coffee, Coffee Beans and Roasted Coffee ensure the Java hit comes through strong, even if you’re a serious, four-a-day drinker. Brown Sugar and Vanilla temper the richness just enough to create a perfect balance. There’s also a Smoky Woods accord that evokes the robust scent of fresh beans roasting. The effect is so realistic–it’s easy to imagine yourself ordering your after-dessert espresso to go.

SUGAR COATED Eager for espresso

Top: Brown Sugar
Middle: Hot Coffee, Coffee Beans
Base: Vanilla Smoky Woods, Roasted Coffee

Not just a feast for the senses, this candle is a luxurious experience you'll want to enjoy again and again. (The good news? You can.) Whether you're a coffee fan or dessert connoisseur, Eager For Espresso is the perfect addition to your home. Let yourself be transported to a place, where every bite of tiramisu is a moment of pure indulgence. Available for a limited time only, you won’t want to sleep on this delectable gourmand treat.