What comes to mind when you think of Halloween? Jangly skeletons strung up as spine-chilling decorations? Perfectly carved pumpkins that flicker with candlelight? Stories about dark and dangerous creepy crawlies and other things that go bump in the night? Whatever your personal take on All Hallows’ Eve, one thing’s for sure—Glasshouse Fragrances Limited Edition Moonlight Magic Candle Duo is the chicest way to get amongst.

Inspired by the moon’s cyclical journey (apt because 2020 will welcome the first full moon on Allhalloween in 20 or so years), the Moonlight Magic duo evokes two classic Halloween scents, the perfume of freshly baked pumpkin pie and that of a festive wood-burning fireplace. Magic Spell takes its cues from the former and is wrapped in an enchanting midnight blue vessel, while Spellbound (reminiscent of the latter) is dressed up in ghost-white. The packaging of both candles in the set features illustrations of the lunar orbit, rendered in a style that suggests the spiritual practice of Tarot. More supernatural that outright spooky, expect to be entranced.

magic spell

Imagine a witch’s cauldron bubbling with orange and pumpkin. In goes warming nutmeg, cinnamon and clove, then splashes of maple, vanilla and caramelised sugar. Stir, pour, and burn—once lit, the magic spell is cast. A sumptuous gourmand scent that will enchant all those who cross its path, Magic Spell is a Halloween must-have.


Top: Coconut, Orange, Pumpkin
Middle: Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Clove, Cumin, Maple
Base: Caramelised Sugar, Musk, Vanilla


Spellbound conjures up a divine altar dressed with fruit, flowers, a leather drum and the embers of an enchanted fire. Close your eyes and conjure up the magic of armfuls of velvety peony petals, ripe plum and peach, vanilla and patchouli. Hypnotic, like ritualistic chanting and dancing, it’ll grab hold of your attention and never let go.


Top: Peach, Plum
Middle: Amber, Violet, Peony
Base: Leather, Vanilla, Patchouli


The Moonlight Magic Limited Edition Soy Candles are available from August 20 online at
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Pumpkin Pie
Limited Edition 380g Triple Scented Soy Candle



Enchanted Embers
Limited Edition 380g Triple Scented Soy Candle