Pronounced ‘Fooj-Air’ the Fougère family is dominated by a fresh lavender top note and a mossy, earthy dry down or ‘base’.

The fragrances of this family are usually on a woody and herbal base rather than a spicy base and they are not sweet or fruity. The overall effect is quite masculine.

Words that evoke the Fougère family: Dry (not sweet), earthy, mushroomy, woody.

In 1882, the French perfumer Paul Parquet, created Houbigant’s ‘Fougère Royal’ which revolutionized perfumery in being the first fragrance in history to contain synthetic materials.

Fougère, or “fern” in French, is an interesting choice for a fragrance family as ferns are essentially odourless and in conceptualising a scent that was not an imitation of a natural smell, Paul Parquet changed the world of perfume forever.

Fougère Royal is considered to be the first modern fragrance and an ancestor of all masculine fragrances. Prior to synthetic materials, perfume was very simple and limited to a relatively small number of raw materials (notes).

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