Eau De Cologne

Eau de Cologne

This fresh and light citrus based family is easy to identify. Think; lounging by the poolside, hot days and steamy nights. The fragrances in this family are sparkling, effervescent and happy. They contain refreshing citrus notes and are clean, light, and do not linger.

You can spray an Eau de Cologne on several times a day and never feel too perfumed.

The classical elements are notes such as bergamot (a fruit that looks like an orange, is yellow like a lemon and tastes more bitter than a grapefruit), lemon, mandarin, petit grain (oil from the bitter part of an orange tree), neroli (orange blossom) and aldehydes (fresh laundry-like, metallic and powerful).

Words that evoke an Eau de Cologne fragrance: Citrus, fresh, clean, unisex.

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Eau De Cologne