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Winter Beckons

As the weather cools we succumb to the realm of after dark. Bright light and long days give way to early nightfall and cosy nights in, bathed in candle glow. Your nest becomes your cocoon; sensory, opulent fabrics and the aroma of slow-cooked food offer loved-up comfort. Glasshouse Fragrances brings it on home, with exquisite handcrafted scent that conjures our destinations of the season – and the bliss of warmth as the rain trickles outside.

Summer is Australia’s specialty, so naturally we relish winter’s novelty. Till then, we’re like the Dickensian urchin with his face at the window, watching the Northern Hemisphere rock the fireside chic of winter fashion layering as the blaze of autumnal russets and golds set the treetops alight. Then June comes and it’s our turn. Make winter count…

So, this winter we tap into our treasure trove of fragrance destinations to select those that best evoke the traditions and sensory experience of hibernation. Our winter collection echoes the season’s delights, from convivial feasts with friends to fireside flirtations with gentleman callers.

The Fragrances


Arabian Nights White Oud

This fragrances ushers in aromatic oils, woods and spiced evocative of the exotic Arabic East, perfect for the noctural intensity and mystery of winter. 

Persia Jasmine Wood & Vanilla

Jasmine's white petal prettiness adds sparkle to the yumminess of vanilla in Persia's fragrance, it's potency a reminder of goddess sensuality. 

Kyoto Camellia & Lotus

The purity and refinement of Japan's stunning aesthetic inspires this elegant interplay of camellia, lotus and warm amber. 

Tahaa Vanilla Caramel

Tahaa, on of our most loved fragrances, the sticky sweetness of the dessert tray is the siren call of gourmand, one of beauty's newest fragrance families.  

Monte Carlo Fig & Guava

The starring note of our Monte Carlo fragrance is ripe, fruity fig whose soft, hearty flesh oozes orchid-fresh, nectarous flavour and evokes succulent sensuality.