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Winter Beckons

with Tahaa

This winter we tap into our treasure trove of fragrance destinations to select those that best evoke the traditions and sensory experience of hibernation.



Vanilla Caramel

Winter is tailor-made for the domestic bliss of staying in. Cold weather and early nightfall is Mother Nature’s free pass to binge-watch Netflix over wine, stay in bed longer and lick the chocolate out of the cake bowl. Tahaa, one of our most beloved fragrances, embraces the long, lazy and languorous with the gourmet sensuality of caramel. The sticky sweetness of the dessert tray is the siren call of gourmand, one of beauty’s newest fragrance families.

We know Glasshouse Fragrances fans: most don’t even consider themselves home until they light their wick and breathe deeply. Indulgence and moi-time is the invitation of each fragrance. Whether the treat is a cook-off for a gathering of besties or simply you drifting off in the bath, Tahaa’s swoonworthy toffee-tinged aroma makes home and hearth the party.