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Winter Beckons

with Persia

This winter we tap into our treasure trove of fragrance destinations to select those that best evoke the traditions and sensory experience of hibernation.



Jasmine Wood & Vanilla

Jasmine’s white petal prettiness adds sparkle to the yumminess of vanilla in Persia’s fragrance, its potency a reminder of goddess sensuality – and a sweet foil to the masculine strength of forest floor heart, woody Cedar and Sandalwood. 

Persia’s robustness echoes the pungency of the spices sprinkled into ragouts, soups and stews each winter. The once precious resins, spices and musks borne across the Spice Route linking Europe with the ancient East are now the light of a wick away.

When you’re in hostess mode, nourishing guests with a pot slow-cooking on the stove, Persia’s exquisitely interwoven blend is an olfactory gracenote to your convivial gathering.