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Winter Beckons

with Monte Carlo

This winter we tap into our treasure trove of fragrance destinations to select those that best evoke the traditions and sensory experience of hibernation.


Monte Carlo

Fig & Guava

The starring note of Monte Carlo is ripe, fruity fig whose soft, hearty flesh oozes orchard-fresh, nectarous flavor and evokes succulent sensuality. Intermingled with bitter greens and sweet guava, Monte Carlo’s pitch-perfect femininity creates that glamour gift that spoils someone dear to you – and keeps on giving each time they light it. Or it can perfume your own lair and love cave. 

Roll the dice in Monte Carlo and you’ll be playing the diva card. Nothing less will do in Europe’s glittering jetset mecca.

Summer may have bikinis but winter’s brand of sexiness is all about indoor sensory delight – and skin lit by candlelight is never going to look better…