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Winter Beckons

with Arabian Nights

This winter we tap into our treasure trove of fragrance destinations to select those that best evoke the traditions and sensory experience of hibernation.


Arabian Nights

White Oud


Inspired by the mythic dreamscape of starry desert nights, this fragrance ushers in aromatic oils, woods and spices evocative of the exotic Arabic East, perfect for the nocturnal intensity and mystery of winter, creating an evocative spell for intimate entertaining.

Take the magic carpet ride with Oud, the rare, fragrant heartwood, ancient yet oh-so on-trend, that yields a musty, woody-nutty oil more expensive than gold. Used in rituals for centuries, star note Oud’s rich depth conjures night temples and the 1920s fantasy of the liquid-eyed sheikh in billowing white, dagger glinting in the flames of the nightfire as the tent beckons.