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This Valentine's Day your Secret Rendez-vous Awaits

We’re Just That Into You

Ladies, we know that Valentine’s Day is your time to shine. 

All year around we girls have to fake not being obsessed with the rapturous pleasures and emotional tumult of romance.

Then Feb 14 comes back around and we are free to embrace the sensuality, sizzle and femininity of seduction. 

We know that all fans of Glasshouse Fragrances - from CEOs in greige manicures to beach babes rocking a haute-boho caftan - have something else in common: the beating heart of a passion player who loves to love. 

We know you bloom under the heat of a lover’s desire. That you know how to strut your considerable stuff (your Romeo has plenty to get hot under the collar about). And that there’s nothing wrong with a good old-fashioned Tinder update in the workplace, digital media discreetly tucked behind your annual sales report.

Just as much as we love guys (yes, ‘It’s Raining Men’ is on our founder Nicole Eckels’ iPod), we love our fans.

So we want you to be armed, ready and, above all, dangerous.


The Rendez-vous Candle

It’s always exciting to conjure a new scent - and you honour our dedication and creativity by inviting each handcrafted candle into the daily ritual of your lives.

Valentine’s Day is the ultimate carte blanche to indulge our love of ‘the chase’; the batting of a lash. 

So we have created our deliciously sexy and indulgent limited edition Rendez-vous candle just in time for this ancient pagan feast. 


No matter what happens on this fabulous day, you know that there will be one match made in heaven: candles and romance.

Either given or received, the underlying sensuality of scent adds an erotic frisson to the gesture of gift giving. When lit, the candle coats the world in a golden glow - and bare skin (uh-huh, we said it) is most beautiful when bathed in the soft reflection of a flickering, dancing flame.


The Rendez-vous scent itself will melt heart, mind and soul.

The exquisitely graceful orchid - Victorian symbol of rare luxury - mingles with Sugar Cane’s syrupy, gourmet appeal and the woody warmth of aromatic Amber resin. 

Honey, we’re way past snuggles.