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The Vision Behind Arabian Nights

What’s New

Every Glasshouse Fragrance candle that we create and craft is more than a beautiful object, it’s an invitation. Each time someone lights a wick, they take a step through a doorway into a new sensory world.

Incredible journeys are our life’s work; this month, we couldn't be inviting you anywhere more enticing!

Our newest candle Arabian Nights - White Oud is our tribute to the mystery and exoticism of the ancient Middle East, conjured by the famous folklore of the Arabian Tales: 1001 Nights. It also showcases one of the most ancient, richly luxurious ingredients in the beauty realm: oud - so rarified that it’s also known as ‘liquid gold’.

Spice It Up

The one ingredient that can transport us to this ancient world of Bedouins, sultans and concubines faster than any other is oud (often spelt ‘oudh’ as well).

This rare, fragrant heartwood yields musty, woody-nutty resin that is so difficult to harvest, its oil is the most expensive in the world (1 ½ times the price that of gold).

Over the centuries Oud’s role in religious and festive celebrations has imbued our dark, sticky substance with a cultural intensity as potent as the scent itself.

But oud doesn’t just have a serious side! As well as its great traditions, oud is very much of the moment. Moving away from the sticky fruity florals of the last few years, many of the great fragrance houses have released dramatic new Oud-based offerings, making this ancient, eternal scent the season’s hottest beauty note.

West Meets East


The desert city of Dubai is also travel’s new global hotpost, a glittering metropolis where everything is bigger and better, from the world’s tallest building to the custom-made sports supercars parked all over town.

In fact, that’s how our co-founder Nicole got her inspiration. When she visited Dubai and saw its marriage of ancient traditions with the glitzy and the new (yes, you can buy gold in ATM machines. It’s a thing), she knew she had Glasshouse Fragrances' next big glamour offering.


Are You In The Mood For Oud?


For those new to Oud, now is a great time to experience the scent - so pungently woody and complex; so instantly powerful.

Fragrance fans intimidated by this very grown-up note will love how it has been totally reimagined, to be lighter and never overwhelming. Notes of White Rose and Jasmine add freshness and sparkle to its oriental depth, modernising it for our glam-up-and go girl.

Those who already love the sophistication and woods, musk and spices of Glasshouse Fragrances’ Manhattan Little Black Dress or Monte Carlo Fig & Guava from the Glasshouse Collection can add this newest offering to their collection, further proof that they’re not an ‘It Girl’, but an ‘It Woman’.

For ladies who simply love lighting a candle to express how they feel or who they want to be on a given day, Glasshouse Fragrances are happy to be your mood whisperers. The jewel-like black-and-gold packaging of Arabian Nights alone looks like a ransom for a sultan’s daughter.

The olfactory power of a beautiful candle is an invitation to drift into daydreams, leaving the blah, traffic jams and mortgages of the everyday grind far behind.

Tap into the intoxicating potency of White Oud, from the vast horizons and rich culture of the desert kingdoms. Make an individual statement in your own home - you are the spirited heroine of your own desert adventure. Whichever lucky sheikh you invite along is entirely up to you…


The magic carpet is leaving shortly; we’d love you to hop on…