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Behind Oahu

Let us take you on a journey to discover the inspiration behind one of our bestselling fragrances that envelops your home in a soft yet sweet floral bouquet of as inviting and relaxing as Polynesian lifestyle itself. The renowned destination captured it an unmistakeably feminine fragrance. It’s time to say aloha to Oahu. 


The Inspiration

Ripe with culture, Oahu is abundant with energy and life. Revered for its north shore surf breaks and luxury beach front hotels, Oahu is also dotted with many powerful sacred sites which most visitors are completely unaware of. The Hawaiian Islands have a unique and powerful energy, some even believe they are the Chakras of the Earth. Known as the gathering place, Oahu is the voice of the islands – the Throat Chakra – representing the ability to communicate and openly express thoughts in a clear and effective way. Immerse yourself in Oahu’s aqua blue oceans and clear skies, and amplify your connection to self and the earth with the Oahu Fragrance.


The Fragrance

Inspired by the native Ilima flower, the exotic bouquet of Oahu is so headily creamy you can practically hear the natives chanting as you slip into your bath bathed in candlelight. A creamy yet lively composition of orange blossom, heliotrope and narcissus, Oahu will captivate your space with the inviting and relaxing scent of an exotic bouquet.

Orange Blossom

Omens of purity, innocence and moral virtue Orange Blossom represent fruitfulness and fertility. With a citrusy, fresh, clean fragrance, Orange Blossom amplifies the floral fragrances in Oahu.

White Heliotrope

The soothing scent of Heliotrope induces feelings of relaxation and comfort with hazy aromas of marzipan, vanilla, and cherry pie. This delicious scent lends itself perfectly to an atmosphere of pampering.


With a mythical narcotic effect that helps calm nerves, releasing stress and tension, Narcissus captures the Polynesian lifestyle. A heady floral fragrance that is both sweet and hypnotic with green nuances it’s like orchidaceous white petals that spring up after tropic rain.


As intoxicating as wet petals in a luau straight from heaven, Opopanax or sweet Myrrh adds a honey like aroma to Oahu to balance the fragrance with a subtle touch of sensuality and warmth.


Fragrance Layering

Oahu Ilima Milk & Honey is beguiling on its own but the drama increases when used together with complimentary fragrances. Try blending with Amalfi Coast Sea Mist for a revitalising and lively fragrance experience. Or to set the mood for a little pampering, layer with the unmistakably feminine Manhattan.