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Behind Kakadu Water Lily

Kakadu is one of the original Glasshouse destinations with its Water Lily fragrance inspired by the untouched wilderness of Kakadu World Heritage park in Australia’s tropic north. Put away your stilettos and pack your combat boots because we’re going to unlock the secrets of the inspiration and fragrance to our Kakadu Water Lily collection. 

The Inspiration

The spiritual and cultural heritage of Kakadu’s estuaries, billabongs and floodplains is without measure, a freshwater world of natural beauty that has been tended by the Aboriginal people for 50,000 years. The flora found in Kakadu is among the richest in northern Australia, creating a thriving habitat where thunderstorms and flooding usher in an explosion of life and water lilies bloom in blue, mauve yellow and white. At Glasshouse we love to explore, but sometimes the mysterious locale right on our doorstep is as inviting as big city lights.

The Fragrance

Kakadu is as refreshing as droplets from a billabong waterfall. A clean, crisp floral fragrance mingled with the citrus of Orange Blossom, sweetness of juicy Peach, and anchored by the depth and sensuality of Amber. If you’re a city girl who likes a nature escape, Kakadu Water Lily will transport you to this wondrous place and revitalise your senses.

Water Lily

Grown in rivers, lakes and canals, Water Lilies are rooted in the soil with the leaves and flowers floating on the surface of the water and only last a few days. Their heavenly floral fragrance is subtle, refined and exotic with a spicy nuance.

Orange Blossom

Orange Blossoms symbolise not only purity, innocence and moral virtue but fruitfulness and fertility. With a citrusy, fresh, clean fragrance, Orange Blossoms are intensely floral and can be both intoxicating and overwhelming at once.

Favoured by nobles and Emperors in China, Peach was considered the most precious of fruit. Offering sparkling fruity tones that are fleshy and sweet, this fragrance is grounding with a sense of impulsiveness and irresistible uniqueness.


Amber is admired for its charm and grace. Also known as tears of the sun, this sweet, resinous fragrance is cosy with a powdery scent, almost Oriental in nature. Giving depth to other fragrances, Amber evokes feelings of smooth, sweet warmth and a hint of sensuality.

Fragrance Layering

Kakadu Water Lily is invigorating on its own but even more animated when used together with complimentary fragrances. Try blending with Amalfi Coast Sea Mist for a refreshing and lively fragrance experience. Or to set the mood for a revitalising evening, layer with the femininity of Oahu Ilima Milk & Honey.