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Behind Amalfi Coast

Let us reinvigorate your senses with one of our most loved fragrances, Amalfi Coast Sea Mist. Quintessentially Italian, this fragrance is refreshing and aquatic with a hint of masculinity that evokes memories of a gorgeous cologne. From the light of the candle to the pump of the hand wash, Amalfi Coast will leave you feeling reinvigorated and fill your space with the aroma of an ocean breeze. 


The Inspiration

Doted with villas, palazzos and luxury hotels the Amalfi Coast has long been a glamorous holiday destination for the rich and famous. Both seductive and beautiful, its captivating landscape is characterised by pastel-painted houses and narrow stairways and alleys connecting the mountains and the glistening turquoise sea. The natural beauty and grace leaves little wonder as to why iconic screen siren Sophia Loren called Villa Amalfi home. A languorous playground that’s so very stimulating. Who would we be to deny our Glasshouse Fans beautifully moulded pleasures of the Amalfi Coast? Time for a Limoncello?


The Fragrance

Amalfi Coast Sea Mist is a fragrance that will leave you feeling reinvigorated. With its notes of Freesia, Lavender, Lime and Moss, this fragrance is refreshing, aquatic with a unique cologne-like profile that transports the mind to an Amalfi Coast patio overlooking the blue-ribbon sea.


Freesia flowers are intensely floral with subtle citrus and peppery tones that tingles the senses with the anticipation of warm weather. Their fragrance emits a refreshing, clean aroma with green nuances for freshness.


Lavender provides a bracing cologne-like masculinity to the overall fragrance that’s calming to the mind and body, yet stimulating to the senses.


Invigorating and stimulating, the intensely refreshing lime note in Amalfi Coast creates a cut through as zesty as a sip of Nona’s Limoncello.


Moss lends a delicate forest-like, rich and earthy aroma to the fragrance composition, creating a balance and a base for the Amalfi Coast fragrance.

Fragrance Layering

Amalfi Coast Sea Mist is invigorating on its own but comes to life when used together with complimentary fragrances. Our suggestion, Kakadu Water Lily.