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Order an aperitivo, take a seat and witness a sunset in Capri. Where dreamy pinks flush over vivid blue hues and perfumed wisps float in on the breeze. Marine notes, Peach and Jasmine set the scene for the magical moment the sun kisses the sea.


The Inspiration

The small yet stunning island of Capri in Italy’s Bay of Naples is famed for its steep, craggy cliffs framed by a sea so intensely blue that it appears to be lit from within.

Dotted with yachts and pretty villas and draped in vivid bougainvillea, the destination has captivated artists and writers for centuries.

As the golden hour approaches, be swept up in the breathtaking views and sense of rich history in this sublime slice of Campania.


The Fragrance

Peach. Offering sparkling fruity tones that are fleshy and sweet, this fragrance is grounding with a sense of impulsiveness and irresistible uniqueness.

Marine. The distinctive aroma of churning sea water, graced with sensual and salty notes. Marine refreshes the mind and invigorates the spirit with a freshness that is evident right from the opening.

Jasmine. An intensely warm and sweet floral that is renowned for its calming qualities. Jasmine’s full-bodied fragrance evokes memories of summer evenings and gentle breezes.

Mandarin. A sweet, fruit and citrusy fragrance with slight floral undertone. The sensual neroli-like trail is at once mystical and calming.