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Size Matters... and we know it

When we kick off our panther-print stilettos at day’s end, sometimes we like to gather around, put our heads together and ponder - what’s the most awesome thing we could do for our most ardent Glasshouse fans? You know, those die-hard peeps who live launch-to-launch, craving their newest Destination Fragrance (no luggage required) - and don’t even consider themselves home until they light their wick and breathe deeply.

Inspiration struck and we decided to take two of our most iconic Destination Candles and supersize them. Yes, you are seeing double. Now it’s time to introduce you to these luxuriously va-va-voom 700g limited edition handcrafted candles that are double the size so your heavenly scent goes on, and on…

These stunning Luxury Candles are flamboyant, instant showpieces, as divinely crafted as ever – and you get twice the fabulous. We’re pretty excited because while you, the fans love Glasshouse, Glasshouse loves you right back. We live to light your fire. 

So where are we off to?


The culturing melting pot of Brazil’s ultimate jewel makes this city one of the sassiest, sexiest, most exotic places on earth. Its world famous carnivale is a riot of joyous colour, energy and rib-thumping music. The pounding of the batacuda drums meets the dazzle of rhinestone-studded costumes on lithe, honeyed bodies as glitter confetti rains from the skies.

Honey, Rio de Janeiro knows how to throw a street party.

Our Rio de Janeiro candle celebrates the spirit, joie de vivre and sensory tropical flavour of life lived to a samba beat – preferably on Ipanema Beach – with a burst of juicy Passionfruit, Lime, Raspberry and Orange. And if that isn’t a cocktail, it should be.

Frankly senhora, all you need is the hot Brazilian boyfriend (is there any other kind?) and your Rio de Janeiro home-party is complete.


Hugging the serpentine swoop of the spectacular Mediterranean coastline in a vintage sportscar, silk scarf fluttering in the freesia-scented breeze, is the ne plus ultra of European sophistication.

The Amalfi Coast’s thrillingly iconic, picturesque coastal drive showcases the other kind of dangerous curves we love here at Glasshouse Fragrances. For decades the jetset have frolicked in this craggy coastline setting, drinking in the famous Mediterranean blue and soaking up the summer sun.

Centuries-old, balustraded gardens are dotted with lime trees, lavender and freesia – all the scents that we conjure for you in our beautiful Amalfi Coast Candle. It’s the loveliest way we know to recapture a languorous afternoon in this Italian Eden.

Because luxury knows no bounds, we bring you twice the time, twice the sensory perfection, with our new LUXURY CANDLES in these divine locales.