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Seasonal Edition


Introducing a new seasonal edition, Barcelona Tuberose & Plum.


We invite you to visit the vibrant Mediterranean port of Barcelona where the air is fragrant with succulent market plums and sensual tuberose which conjures the joyous Spanish spirit of an all-night fiesta.


Fragrance Notes

Plum: A succulent, fruity addition to the fragrance combination, without being too sweet.

Tuberose: The multi-petalled Tuberose flower mixes the freshness you find in a flower shop with creamy, velvety opulence.

Lily of the Valley: Clean, bright and sweet floral, traditionally used for medicinal purposes with beliefs it strengthens memory and the heart.

Sandalwood: A rich, balsamic, sweet note grounded by delicate woody notes, used since ancient times to reduce stress and promote restful sleep.

Vanilla: The ever-loving note of Vanilla adds warmth and depth to the fragrance providing a soothing base note.