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The Return of Cyprus


 After the stellar success of the Cyprus Limited Edition Candle, an artistic, collaborative tribute to the bold cobalts and bright light of the mythic Greek Islands, we salute the return of Cyprus to our core collection. The handcrafted fragrance takes is place amongst the mossy woods, sparkling florals and sticky gourmets of our destination fragrances, adding the elemental, life-affirming freshness of sea salt.


The Inspiration


 All the primal forces that make the Cyprus dreamscape so compelling come together in our Cyprus fragrance. Inspired by the elemental force of a magnificent, heaving ocean crashing against a jagged cliff-edge then hissing on the sand, it also captures the skin tingling, sensory pleasure of ionised, oxygenated island air. The sparkle of bright light on the ocean… The spicy depth of saffron, a hint of ethnic richness and celebratory, communal feasting, song and dance… Inhale the glory of open air, blue skies and the pristine horizon of the ancients. 


The Fragrance


With its complex and energising combination of saffron, lavender and sea salt, Cyprus brings you a fragrance that will leave you feeling revitalised and ready to take on everything. A Fresh ‘Eau de cologne’ style fragrance, it captures the true Mediterranean… an Adonis emerging from the waters, golden skin glistening with sea water and sunlight. 


The “King of spices” or “red gold”, Saffron is derived from the prized stamens of the ancient medicinal plant Crocus sativus from the Iris family. Its aroma asserts bittersweet, leathery, tones that are soft and intimate, with an earthy base note.

Sea Salt

This distinctive aroma of churning sea water captured on a warm breeze refreshes the mind and revitalises the senses, to recreate the balmy atmosphere of a sunset vigil on the Cyprus coastline.


A robust fragrance, sweet yet distinctly sharp, with herbaceous and soothing woody notes. Though quintessentially a feminine note, when combined with sweet spices, like Saffron, and oriental woods it creates a uniquely masculine characteristic.


A subtle yet lingering fragrance, Sandalwood boasts a rich, balsamic, sweet fragrance grounded by delicate woody notes. Used since ancient times due to its relaxing properties that reduce stress and promote restful sleep, it’s also reputed to be an effective aphrodisia.