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At Glasshouse Fragrances, our dream is to create Destination Fragrances that conjure the world’s most memorable locales - in all their sensory glory.

Each handcrafted candle showcases the most heavenly scents of a new region; sassy, imaginative packaging echoes the colour and mood of the next island paradise or city, adding a gorgeous visual dimension.

The world beckons, and you don’t have to leave home to find it. We go there.

Ever since Destination Fragrances first launched, Glasshouse fans have loved curating their collection of fragrance experiences – embarking on their own world tour.

Now we’re adding a brand new destination to our core collection - it’s all-aboard for the next rockstar locale!


We hope you’re red carpet-ready as we introduce our new Destination Candle - Beverly Hills Pink Lemonade is ready for its close-up.

When it’s time to reach out for a little luxury - after a day’s work, soaking in the bath, when a special visitor is on the way - light up our newest scent and retreat to the balmy West Coast faster than you can say ‘gated community.’

It’s time to cruise the palm-fringed boulevards of Beverly Hills: mythic playground of movie stars, rich kids and the ladies-who-lunch. Channeling your inner celebrity comes easy in a chauffeur-driven ride along down Rodeo Drive, the epicentre of California glitz and glam.

This brand new candle gets the VIP Access-Only party started with punchy, energising Grapefruit, Cherry and Lemon.

Anchored in the heady sensuality of Musk and Vanilla, the Beverly Hills candle captures the scent of well-tended roses and Lily of the Valley in lush, moneyed gardens - and the citrus groves that flourish in L.A's eternal sunshine. The tart yet fizzy top notes of ripe berries and grapefruit hint of Tinseltown razzle dazzle, and ‘on the door list’ confidence. 


No-one knows how to say ‘have at it’ quite like a Glasshouse girl. Once she’s inspired, she’ll visit the la-la land of fast cars, A-Listers and skyhigh credit limits in 3D, trawling the TMZ - festooned streets of Beverly Hills in the all-too glorious flesh.

When in town, don’t miss out on these tips…


Do the drive: You’re in Pretty Woman territory now girlfriend; posing and primping on Rodeo Drive are local sports. This Golden Triangle of luxury is where the beautiful people come to splurge at Chanel and test their sugar daddy’s mettle. Gaze in wonderment at diamond baubles, big labels and bigger stilettos. Burn rubber one swipe at a time.

Revolver Gallery: The slickness of celebrity culture is captured forever in Andy Warhol’s Pop Art kaleidoscope of high gloss icons. Grab a print by the artist who foretold our 21st century obsessions through his art.



The Decade Suites at The Beverly Hills Hotel.

Every screen idol in the classic Hollywood pantheon has partied hearty amongst the banana leaf wallpaper and retro tropical elegance of this golden-age hotel. Crack out the ultrasuede and vintage Halston and lounge in the newly decorated suite that pays homage to Warhol’s 70’s, one of five ‘decade’ suites that include a tribute to the hotel’s most famous VIP of the ‘50s, Marilyn Monroe.



Power breakfast on Wilshire Boulevard at Fred’s, on the rooftop terrace atop Barneys, where agents wheel and deal in dark glasses over vegan cheese dip - and people-watching equals the Hollywood Hills views.