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Conjuring Casablanca

Behind Casablanca


Conjure the evocative, sun-drenched port setting as juicy blackberry, sensual musk and bergamot transport you to fascinating Morocco, where intricate Moorish artistry meets the crumbling glamour of Art Deco on the Atlantic coast.


The Inspiration


Welcome to Casablanca, the gateway to Morocco. Romanticised by the 1942 film of the same name, Casablanca is a charming port-city that brims with cosmopolitan flair and architectural treasures. Lose yourself in a history of crumbling Kasbahs and intricately decorated mosques. Step beyond the dusty building facades into the labyrinthine streets of the old medina and discover the hustle and bustle of Moroccan city life, where locals barter for wares in vibrant marketplaces. 


The Fragrance

Blackberry: A ripe, juicy berry aroma that evokes memories of fruit-picking and homemade jam. Offering a distinctly appealing balance of green, tasty, tart and sweetness.

Pear: A surprisingly complex and versatile fragrance, pear is fruity and sweet but with a clean fresh edge.

Bergamot: A fresh and sensual citrus-like fragrance with a distinctive spicy-floral quality. Zesty, but rich, rounded and sophisticated.

Jasmine: An intensely warm and sweet floral that is renowned for its calming qualities. Jasmine’s full-bodied fragrance evokes memories of summer evenings and gentle breezes.

Lime: Characteristic tart, zesty citrus notes balanced by a mellow sweetness. An intoxicatingly light and fresh scent.

Musk: We’ve anchored the fragrance with creamy, animalistic musk, balancing the fruits aromas with a rich, spicy warmth that is found throughout Morrocco.