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Irresistibly Florence

Behind Florence

Prized for its unparalleled history and Renaissance culture, Florence struts its stuff on the world stage as a style capital to this day. This sublime fragrance is inspired by a city famed for its strength yet softened by the feminine grace of Wild Peonies & Lily. It’s a potent tribute to the alpha females of Florence who wrote the rulebook on feminine wiles – and their city, Italy’s crown jewel.


The Inspiration

Nothing conjures the picturesque charm of Italy like the Ponte Vecchio, a medieval bridge straight out of a fairytale that still brims with life as glittering shop lights reflect on the water and shopkeepers haggle. A warm breeze carries laughter from a neighbouring piazza; revellers clink their wine glasses in front of an ancient palace. Artworks by great masters line the streets, an illustrious backdrop to Florence’s contemporary fashion culture – home to iconic fashion houses like Roberto Cavalli, Gucci and Salvatore Ferragamo.

Known also as the ‘city of flowers’, Florence boasts magnificent gardens that overflow with colour and fragrance, its floral emblem is derived from the surrounding countryside which, in spring, is dotted with lilies and irises. This truly remarkable place deserves an irresistible fragrance to match. 

The Fragrance

Florence Wild Peonies & Lily matches the mysterious delicacy of feminine florals, echoed by the ancient muses of poetry and sculpture, with the fun and fizz of sweet dusty musk and pink prosecco. Nurturing tenderness meets sensuality and sparkle to celebrate the true strength of femininity.

Peony. The mere sight of a bouquet of peonies brings a woman straight to her happy place. The prettily ruffled bloom seems to burst with optimism. Named after the Greek healing deity Paeon, charged with soothing women through childbirth, this is a girl power flower.

White Iris (Lily). This stunningly architectural flower is the perfect symbol of Florence, the natural world’s answer to so much manmade perfection. Soft and semi-sweet, the three leaves of each blossom represent faith, wisdom and valour.

Pink Prosecco. Slightly tart hints of yellow peach and strawberry bring a sweet, tingling aliveness to the fragrance, as  welcoming as a glass of bubbles enjoyed as a Florentine sunset melts to molten gold over the city’s medieval rooftops.  

Musk. We’ve anchored the fragrance with creamy, animalistic musk, giving the flight of the florals a rich, spicy warmth as a base – the perfect power play. 

Fragrance Layering


As well as adoring a singular destination scent Glasshouse Fragrance fans can deepen their knowledge by playfully mingling scent experiences together.

Try layering with Oahu to deepen the dalliance with the earthy sweetness of musk, accentuating an earthy richness as the perfect foil to the florals of Florence.