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An Interview with Megan Gale

Australian Model, Fashion Designer and Actress Megan Gale speaks about candles, entertaining with fragrance, and what she thinks of our new release, The Hamptons Teak & Petitgrain. 


 How do you use fragrance in your home? Do you have different products and fragrances for different rooms? 

Fragrance is a big passion of mine… I constantly have a candle lit wherever I am.  While different fragrances definitely work better in different areas – my bedroom or bathroom versus my office for example – I would say it is more dependent on my mood than a specific location. There are certain fragrances that can make you feel more alert and energetic while other fragrances can help you relax and unwind… so it really depends on what I am doing and what mood I am in. 


 You’ve expressed your love for candles in the past. How does lighting a candle make you feel? 

I find lighting a candle quite a spiritual experience… in so far as it can really tap into your emotional side. Along with the obvious sensorial experience of smell, it also makes me feel very grounded and centred. I also find it a great way for me to feel ‘at home’ in a space.  To this, I will often take a Glasshouse candle with me to work or when I travel and light one wherever I am… instantly transforming a photo studio, hair and makeup room or hotel room into a space much more homely and personal.


 How does fragrance play a role in a dinner party or afternoon get-together at your place? 

Fragrances certainly help set a mood, so depending on what mood I am trying to capture will often inspire my fragrance choice.  For example, if I am having a fun and casual lunch with family and friends I might choose something quite light and fresh such as Glasshouse Bora Bora (one of my absolute favourites fragrances) but if I am wanting to have a romantic evening with my partner then it is more likely to be something more romantic and seductive, such as Glasshouse Arabian Nights.


You’ve been experiencing the new release, The Hamptons Teak & Petitgrain for the last couple of weeks. How does this fragrance make you feel? 

While I am sadly yet to visit The Hamptons, the new Glasshouse Hamptons Teak & Petitgrain scent smells exactly how I imagine The Hamptons to be.  And I absolutely love it!  Chic and elegant but with a mix of natural earthiness and high-end decadence all rolled into one.  Plus, while it is a feminine scent I do think it would appeal to both men and women alike… perfect for any home wanting a touch of sophistication.  It’s definitely one of my new all-time favourites now and I can’t wait to give some to friends as gifts to share the discovery.


What three words would you use to describe the fragrance of Teak & Petitgrain?



If you could create a new Glasshouse Fragrances destination and fragrance, what and where would it be?

 While Glasshouse has already created most of my favourite destinations, if I were to develop a new fragrance I think it would be inspired by Capri, Italy.  I have been lucky enough to spend a lot of time in Italy throughout my career and Capri is one of my absolute favourite spots.  I would imagine the fragrance to include notes of orange, basil, bergamot, rose, jasmine and fig… all trying to capture the island magic that is Capri.  It has to offer the essence and flavour of the ultimate Mediterranean holiday vacation destination in a bottle!


Finally, what are your top 5 tips for entertaining?  

My five top tips for entertaining would be: 

1. Be organised ahead of any guests arriving… the last thing you want to do is spend the whole event in the kitchen rather than spending time with your guests.

2. Ask your guests about they favourite foods and any allergies they may have – there is nothing worse than cooking all day only to discover that your guests can’t enjoy the food you have prepared.

3. Try a theme – I love to think of a fun theme for an event and then work the styling, menu and fragrance around this.  For example, I love to cook Italian food and this can be carried across how I set the table, the music played and the candles I would light.

4. Mix up the guest list.  It is sometimes fun to mix different people or groups while entertaining.  I find the fact of being at home instantly makes people more relaxed and offers a personal feel for your guests to unwind, open up and meet new friends.

5. Clean up as you go and definitely before bed!  While it can sometimes be a major struggle, it is always our rule to clean up before heading to bed.  There are few things more depressing that having an amazing event and waking up the next day to a huge mess.