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2017 Christmas Campaign

In Every Box, A New Tradition

This time of year is so focused on tradition. Yet, as families grow and friendships shift, the traditions we hold so near and dear can change.

Christmas is the perfect time to create new traditions – either from nostalgia, from something imagined or by leaving it up to chance. Yet what better way to set the new traditions firmly in place, than through sensory connection with the unique hand crafted aroma gifted to us by a Glasshouse Fragrance.

This year’s Christmas Campaign takes a fly-on-the-wall peep at a not-so-average family as they make their way through the last days before Christmas, and land smack bang in present-opening on Christmas Day.

Each scene bursts out of the packaging oozing with glamour and fun. It’s illuminating. It’s captivating. Sometimes we can’t help but peer with eyes gaping. Other times we inadvertently look away. What we really want is to be there in the scenes with them, enjoying the colourful, warm yet somewhat unorthodox tradition that is an ever evolving Christmas. It’s the New Tradition.

2017. There’s an almost imperceptible change in the air yet it sparks something new in the room. The nostalgia of ‘The Family Christmas’ has taken on a new glow, a buzz that sends an electrifying shiver into every encounter and creates a sense of anticipation. It’s more than that though. It’s all encompassing, taking over our being, bringing with it the sense of a new tradition...