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High Tea, Glasshouse Style

Cue the sugared almonds - Mother’s Day is here once more. Only here at Glasshouse Fragrances we have other ideas about how to celebrate the woman who offers you the purest love you’ll ever know.

It’s no secret that a handcrafted Glasshouse candle makes the perfect gift – a highly personal offering that heightens the senses and keeps on giving. A fragrant, sensory reminder of the giver’s gorgeous intentions.

This year we want to fête the mums the best way we know how – by crafting a special occasion candle. We Glasshouse gals believe in love at first sight, right? And when you think about it, we love our mums from the moment we open our eyes.

To help you show yours how fabulous she is and how much you love her, we added beauty’s hottest new fragrance ingredient to the brew, which happens to be pitch perfect for mums – tea!

With the gift of the High Tea Limited Edition candle, you can treat your mum to that oh-so-Brit ritual High Tea, Glasshouse style. 

Which means we’re updating tea with a new twist - forget sandwiches and scones honey; think heels, prettily coloured macarons and craft tealeaf. And because we know your mum is as much fun as you are (the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree) we even added a nip of the good stuff.

The Fragrance

The base of our High Tea custom fragrance has the depth and oaky richness of Bourbon, the spirit that seeps though the senses like an invisible flame with every sip, rounded out by the cookie-baking yumminess of Vanilla and pungently earthy Vetiver.

At its centre High Tea has black tea leaf - the herb that Britain took to its heart, taking pause each afternoon to restore one’s spirits (with a side order of gossip). We spice up the ritual with the sensuous heat of Cinnamon tree bark and the temple potency of Clove, the dried flower buds so long prized by the Arabic world.

Sprinkled on top, the sweetly fresh, fruity exuberance of Apple Spritz and Orange Zest notes blend beautifully with the elegantly light citrus snap of Bergamot – long sliced and served with a cup of Earl Grey.

At this Glasshouse party, a MILF is prized as a ‘Mother I’ll love forever”.

The Inspiration

Another woman we admire is Jane McGrath, founder of the McGrath Foundation. We believe in the organisation’s unwavering commitment to provide breast cancer patients with the nurturing support that a specialist nurse can provide – something that Jane herself experienced and wanted to share with other women going though the same journey.

As so much of the McGrath Foundation’s fund raising happened over High Tea there is also a beautiful symmetry between our gorgeous new candle and this life and love-affirming charity.

In collaboration, 5% of the purchase price from our High Tea candle will go directly towards theMcGrath Foundation to help fund breast bare nurses in communities across Australia. To mark the tenth anniversary, the aim is to reach 110 nurses to support an additional 10,000 families through breast cancer this year.

It’s a brilliant goal – and gifting your mum with a High Tea candle brings it even closer.

This Oriental fragrance praises the power, everyday heroism and love that mothers bring to the world – with the spiciest, sassiest High Tea of the season.