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We're not Ghoulish, we're Glamorous.

We get it. In Australia, Halloween isn’t (yet) the norm, but for our New York Born Co-Founder & Brands Director, Nicole Eckels, Halloween is a time to share your supernatural individuality with ghoulish glamour.


What began as a trick to our beloved Facebook fans in 2013, became a treat in 2014. Our Halloween Pumpkin Pie Candle was an instant cult classic. Now, returning for the second year in a row with the same loved fragrance, traditional orange wax plus new otherworldly stickers. This is the chance for our Glasshouse gals (and boys) to design their own Jack-O’-Lantern and share their Dr Jekyll (or Mr Hyde). Not sure what we're talking about? See here...


So now it's back. The immediate, uplifting notes of Coconut & Pumpkin, layered with an array of the delectable spices of Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Clove & Cumin, supported by base notes of Caramelised Sugar & Vanilla are an insight into Nicole’s home during the Halloween holiday. It's the Halloween candle you know you need. 


I’ll never forget annual pumpkin carving. Decorating the pumpkin gave you a chance to show your individuality and creativity and that really appealed to me. Afterwards, we would toast the pumpkin seeds with a touch of salt and then make pumpkin bread All of these things are the inspiration for this fragrance.

Nicole Eckels – Co-founder & Creative Director


We're encouraging everyone to unleash their inner artist and share their Glasshouse Jack-O'-Lantern on Instagram.

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