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Dive Into Summer

High summer has arrived. From golden beaches, to glowing outback ochres and glistening harbours, the long days of blistering sun are offset by the sparkling allure of the nearest waterway, deep shade or fresh sea breeze. Glasshouse Fragrances brings it on home, with exquisite handcrafted scents that conjure our destinations of the season – and all the abundance it brings.

Summer is Australia’s specialty. There is a boldness, and a sense of freedom that is unmatched by any other season. It draws us out into endless days that seamlessly blend into steamy nights. Summer is alive. It sparks a brightness in us. Holidays, festivities, time with friends. It is the season that has us believing it will never end, full of confidence, promise and possibility…until the days eventually become shorter and the nights show signs of chill.

Until then, we tap into our treasure trove of fragrance destinations to select those that pay homage to the sensory experience of adventure and opportunity. Our summer collection echoes the season’s delights, from beachside escapes to balmy evening rendezvous. Dive in!

The Fragrances


Rio De Janeiro

Think flamboyant street parades accompanied by wild music and lots of laughter. Rio de Janeiro captures the spirit of Brazil, with exotic scents of ripe Passionfruit, Lime, Raspberry and Orange, to give your senses an instant lift.



Hustle and bustle, scents and smells, rock and roll. Saigon delivers an infectious blend of Lemongrass, Orange, Lime and Bergamot, that’s as energetic and vibrant as the city itself.


Montego Bay

Capturing the exotic Caribbean charm and laid-back attitude, Montego Bay combines Lemon and Lime oils, Vanilla, Amber, Mandarin and Coconut. Chill out and relax to a tropical bongo beat.


Bora Bora

Inspired by remote holidays where thatched bungalows hover over clear aqua waters. This exhilarating fragrance beams with tangy Cilantro, zesty Tangerine and sparkling Orange Blossom.