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Discover Cyprus Through Art & Fragrance

We are excited to celebrate our latest Limited Edition Candle. Cyprus Sea Salt and Saffron. A powerfully unique scent to delight Glasshouse fans. 

As birthplace of Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, Cyprus is the ultimate aspirational haven. Known for its ruggedly beautiful coastline this Mediterranean destination is full of excitement, mystique and the promise of ancient treasures. 

About the design

To ignite this new fragrance Destination, Glasshouse Fragrances commissions native Cypriot, Melbourne-based artist Barbara Kitallides to create a bespoke design that captured the essence of Cyprus.

“A rush of thick summer air and hot fragrant nights awake my senses all at once. I am transported to the caretaker of my soul, the Mediterranean Sea. I wanted to paint something free, open, without restriction, ‘of the moment’. The loose broad stokes convey the freedom and energy of the water and the grades of blue we see in the Mediterranean. The pink represents not only love and passion, but the blend of sea salt and saffron of the fragrance. For me this fragrance is Memories of Summers in Cyprus: Heat, passion, love, life. Met with moments of stillness.”- Barbara Kitallides, on her inspiration behind the artwork.

The Iconic Glasshouse Jar, with a Twist

Inspired by the crystalline cobalt infinity of this Mediterranean coastal paradise, this limited edition candle comes in very special hand finished ombre blue jar. A stunning new addition to your home that calls on current trends from fashion – and we think it’s very fashionable. 

The Fragrance

With its complex and energising combination of saffron, lavender and sea salt, Cyprus brings you a fragrance that will leave you feeling revitalised and ready to take on everything. A Fresh ‘Eau de cologne’ style fragrance, it captures the true Mediterranean… an Adonis emerging from the waters, golden skin glistening with sea water and sunlight. 

The “King of spices” or “red gold”, Saffron is derived from the prized stamens of the ancient medicinal plant Crocus sativus from the Iris family. Its aroma asserts bittersweet, leathery, tones that are soft and intimate, with an earthy base note.

Sea Salt
This distinctive aroma of churning sea water captured on a warm breeze refreshes the mind and revitalises the senses, to recreate the balmy atmosphere of a sunset vigil on the Cyprus coastline.

A robust fragrance, sweet yet distinctly sharp, with herbaceous and soothing woody notes. Though quintessentially a feminine note, when combined with sweet spices, like Saffron, and oriental woods it creates a uniquely masculine characteristic.

A subtle yet lingering fragrance, Sandalwood boasts a rich, balsamic, sweet fragrance grounded by delicate woody notes. Used since ancient times due to its relaxing properties that reduce stress and promote restful sleep, it’s also reputed to be an effective aphrodisia.

Fragrance Layering

We invite you to create your own sensory experience through fragrance layering. Used alone, Glasshouse Fragrances products will take you to the destination they are inspired by. By layering your Candles with Fragrance Diffusers, Hand Cremes and Hand Washes in complementary fragrance you can create your own unique sensory wonderland. Try laying in the same space or throughout your home for an all-encompassing fragrance experience.


Intoxicating on its own Cyprus Sea Salt & Saffron is but even more powerful when layered with complimentary fresh and active fragrances. Layer with Amalfi Coast Sea Mist Fragrance Diffuser, Hand Creme and Hand Wash for an invigorating and lively fragrance experience. Use with Kakadu Water Lily to refresh your senses. Or experiment by blending with the unmistakably feminine Oahu Ilima Milk & Honey to unwind and rejuvenate at the same time.