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Descend into Opulence with Arabian Nights

Announcing the addition of one of Glasshouse Fragrances’ most popular Limited Edition fragrances to the permanent range. Arabian Nights – White Oud. As the flame flickers, be drawn into the wonders of Dubai, an exotic and ultramodern desert oasis with tinges of a mysterious ancient past. Be enchanted by an amalgam of oud, saffron and amber, freshened by a touch of jasmine and white rose. It’s time to descend into opulence. 


Behind Arabian Nights

Welcome a sense of exotic style into your home with the latest addition to the Glasshouse Fragrances range – Arabian Nights, White Oud. This captivating fragrance brings the mystery and wonder of the ancient Middle East in perfect alignment with the ultramodern city of Dubai, an exotic desert oasis filled with stylish manmade wonder. The flicker of a flame unites sumptuous oud, saffron and amber, with fresh white rose and jasmine for a subtle and alluring fragrance that is simply Liquid Gold.


The Inspiration

Like the city that inspires it, Arabian Nights – White Oud is a melting pot of culture and opulence. Pairing style cues from ancient times with stark modern design, Dubai is a fusion of exotic and opulent – a sight to behold. Lavish furniture, rich colours, expensive cars, and stylish fashionistas – this manmade oasis is dotted with beautiful people, luscious gardens, shining examples of modern architecture, and hotels to dream of…

Stemming from the riches of oil production, Dubai has developed a style of its own. Combining the mystique of its rich and ancient history with the modern world, you’ll find a global city, unmatched in extravagance, that some consider the centre of the world. Yet Dubai has many more layers. Beneath the prestige and worldly glamour of the stylish façade lies a melting pot of cultures and a history rich with tradition and adventure.

Fill your space with a sense of exotic fusion. Arabian Nights – White Oud is perfect for a gathering with friends and family or simply to enjoy on your own.


The Fragrance

This liquid gold fragrance comprises only the rarest, most exotic ingredients. Ancient oud combines with saffron and amber to deliver a woody, earthy richness that is sweetly freshened by the addition of white rose and a touch of jasmine. It is subtle, sexy and alluring at once.

Oud. Known by few, but loved by many, this rare fragrance has been a prized perfume ingredient in Europe and the Middle East for centuries. The ancient, eternal scent is one of the season’s hottest beauty notes with its powerful, complex woody aroma. Traditionally derived from the wood of the Agar Tree, Oud is known as the ‘liquid gold’ of the perfume industry.

Saffron. Derived from the prized stamens of the ancient crocus lily, Saffron is a rare and treasured ingredient with a bittersweet, leathery odour that is soft and intimate. It is the gold of the plant world.

White Rose. The king of flowers, White Rose’s fresh scent is clean and intensely romantic. Although powdery and woody, it cuts through with hints of lemon.

Amber. Admired for its beauty, charm and grace, Amber is also referred to as ‘tears of the sun’ or ‘petrified light’. This ancient fossilised tree resin is warm to the touch, with a subtle yet comforting vanilla-like aroma.

Jasmine. The narcotic scent is delicate and sweetly floral with fresh notes of green. It’s a fun-loving fragrance addition providing a unique aroma that can sometimes be incredibly intense.


Fragrance Layering

Arabian Nights White Oud is extravagant and exotic on its own but becomes even more powerful when used with complimentary fragrances. Try layering with Manhattan Little Black Dress for a strong beautiful scent of roses. Or intensify your overall fragrance experience by combining with a Monte Carlo Fig & Guava diffuser to finish the occasion in the utmost style.