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Dark Arts Duo

Introducing the Dark Arts Collection: Magic Spell and Spellbound - bringing the fragrance of mystery and magic to your every day.

Pagan symbols, wiccan spells and ancient secrets dance around the packaging, creating an enchanted cabinet of curiosities. A waxing crescent moon sets the tone, known for it’s magnetic energy and spellbinding powers. The All Seeing Eye, representing truth and awakening, watches over a host of magical animal totems, including the owl - keeper of sacred knowledge, the moth - shaman symbol of transformation and the snake - the serpentine bridge between good and evil.


Let us take you on a mystical journey into the Dark Arts, where magic and mayhem rule...




Enchanted Embers

The laid the book bare on the altar below and conjured up magic from times long ago. Petals of peony, one ripe plum, a touch of leather and a beating drum. Chanting and stirring, in hypnotic dance, surrender it all, fall under its trance.

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Magic Spell

Pumpkin Pie

Where magic meets mayhem and makes her his queen, it's a strange kind of alchemy that's never been seen. Add pumpkin, spices and cinnamon last - stir, pour, then burn. The magic spell is cast.

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