Dreaming of a Bright Christmas

Christmas Dreamscapes

Our seasonal offering brings a glimpse into what’s to come in 2020. Our new look Christmas Dreamscapes collection is a showcase of bold fragrance wrapped in dynamic design. Let the mystery and magic guide you, adding jingle while you mingle, as Glasshouse Fragrances explores electric new territories.

About the Artist

Jacob Leary is a Hobart based artist. Like us, his work feels electric. Jacob’s dynamic practice spans a range of mediums including painting, printmaking, sculpture and installation.

His work is made up of sets: sets within sets. Distinct, yet always implicated in the other. Nothing is separate or independent.

Jacob’s surreal dreamscapes and places familiar feature across our 2019 Christmas Collection, each one transporting to distant destinations while at the same time, bringing you closer to the ones you love.

Christmas Dreamscapes Collection