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A Magical Carpet Ride to Persia Awaits

Here at Glasshouse Fragrances we pride ourselves on our loyal and devoted fans - it’s the fun part about being in the ‘personal’ business. We lovingly handcraft Triple Scented Candles and body care right here in Australia and you repay us in kind - by either going stone cold crazy over your fetish favourite scent and sticking with it, or anticipating each new release with all the fervour of a boyband fanclub on concert day. 

We get that your private world is a sacred space, and love that you have invited us inIt’s just like a cult (only way more glamorous and fragrant).

The Next; The New 

Our candles are the brand stars, and god knows they thrive in the limelight, but our diffuser range is the steady-Eddie of the brandlow maintenance way to fill the air with scent long before you walk in the doorOil meets wood as fragrance wafts into the atmosphere, elevating a room into a sensory doorway.

Our core Destination Collection showcases the fragrance profiles that conjure magical, fabled locales. Persia has been one of our longstanding, most popular diffusers – a recreation of one of the world’s richest cultures, when imperial dynasties revered the opulent scent that filled their courtyards, great palaces and, ahem, boudoirs. 

We decided that it was time to take this magical carpet ride further and reintroduce this beloved scent - as a 350g Candle.

Spice Up Your Life 

The Persia Collection now expands to include a fabulous new addition that showcases the imperious, reigning - and impossible to ignore - queen of the fragrance families: Oriental. 

Nothing transports a girl to an exotic ancient land faster than the robust warmth and woodiness of Oriental notes. Travelers bore these precious, pungent ingredients across vast desert terrain on The Spice Route, that great pathway of the ancient world linking Europe with the East. Resins, spices and musks once delivered to medieval kings for their queens are now the light of a wick away. 

Fragrance notes are the stuff that dreams are made of – like daubs of paint on a palette or notes in a melody. 

Persia’s symphonic blend is as divinely crafted as the interwoven tales of Scheherazademesmerising the king of 1001 Nights with a tale of enchantment to spare her life for yet one more night.

Refreshing top notes of JasmineCoconut and Lavender first lure you in to the Persia experience, like the sweet bloom of flowers trailing palace rooftops under a starry sky, stickily intoxicating in the balmy air. 

The heart of the fragrance is infused with woody Cedarand Sandalwood, tempered by the lazy, gourmet sensuality of Heliotrope and Vanilla – impossible to resist when the sun melts into a desert horizon like molten gold and night falls. 

Frankincense and Patchouli linger, anchoring Persia with its mystical power, as headily potent as the goddess sensuality of the court belly dancers that once bewitched Sultans and princes against their will. 

Persia is a wonderful addition to the candle collection of Oud, Kyoto and Manhattan fans – and fascinating departure for those eager to try a headier, muskier fragrance backdrop for memorable gatherings or an intimate nocturnal mood. Whether you do the Dance Of The Seven Veils is entirely up to you. But knowing our Glasshouse Girls as we do, you’ll be willing to give it a god’s honest try